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Thoughts on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a word that makes people shudder when heard, because it can sometimes feel like forgiveness is condoning the hurtful behavior of others. Hurtful behavior that has caused wounds within our hearts and has seemed to affect us adversely, causing us great pain. It is the fear of feeling the same pain that makes us react so strongly towards forgiving a wrong that has been inflicted. We fear the pain, and feel as if letting go of the pain and negative emotions towards the person that caused this action, will mean that we will experience the same pain. We feel as if holding onto the anger and resentment will right the wrong that was done.
Our anger and hurt is what got us through the the initial moment of hurt, of pain, of trauma; but once that moment is past, we are left on a new path but carrying the baggage of a previous destination, with no room to pick up the new emotions and energy that are needed for the current leg of our journey. If we continue to hold onto old negative…

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